LeSabre No Start Problem

Occasionally my 97 Le Sabre with 125K miles doesn’t start. When a clicking sound is heard with key is in “on” position, will crank normally but not fire. If battery is disconnected for 5 or 10 minutes, then reconnected, clicking sound does not reappear and car starts normally. Suspected fuel pump relay and changed it but problem persists. Fuel pump was changed about a year ago. Any advice would be appreciated.

I think the problem is an electrical one.

First, test the battery to ensure it has a full 12.6V charge. If not, charge it up.

Remove/clean and replace wrench tight, BOTH ends of the battery cables.

Also, make sure the small ground wire from the battery to the fender (Or some other chassis part) is clean and firmly connected.
Also make sure the ground between the engine and the vehicle chassis is good.

Hmmm, battery disconnected, re-connected engine starts.

Sounds like something seems to be re-setting itself due to that.

Perhaps someone with more pertinent knowledge will advise.

Roadrunner: Thanks for prompt response. Forgot to mention that battery has been changed and cables terminals cleaned (several times). Will look at ground between engine and vehicle chassis, though.