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Left/rear and Right/rear brake caliper freeze within 2 months

I own a 2004 G35x with 48,000 miles. On 01/10 the L/rear caliper had seized and the dealer replaced the l/rear caliper. Also, the pads and rotors for both sides were replaced. Last week the car started making a thumping noise again and the dealer now indicates that the R/rear caliper has also seized and needs to be replaced too. Seems very strange to me that both rear calipers freeze within 2 months of each other. Infiniti does not have a recall on this but it seems like a parts defect to me. Any suggestions

Stuff happens. Sure, a full failure analysis to determine root cause could find that there existed a parts defect, but that ain’t gonna happen. All you can realistically do is get the caliper replaced and drive on.

By the way, 6 years and 48,000 miles suggests a lot of stop and go driving. If that’s you driving envirnment, that can manifest itself as much greater brake parts wear then highway driving. 6 year old city brakes can have as much of their life used up as 12 year old country brakes.

Usually you want to replace these in pairs—which is what the dealer should have done. You want the braking performance to match on both sides, plus if one is bad the other usually isn’t far behind.

Changing the brake fluid every 3 years in the future wouldn’t hurt.