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Left my car at the mech

Here’s th list.

Left haft shaft $180

Tranny rebuilt(out put bearing/clutch).

$455(labor)+up to $500(parts)

Rack & pinon soon( broken boot about to leek but not yet)


About to be as broke as a joke.

The car 2000 Subaru Legacy 5speed

You didn’t tell us the reason for consulting a mechanic in the first place. Were you having problems with the transmission?

How many miles on this vehicle?

I did a few days ago, when I drive there’s a click from the tranny, and it verys with speed, even in nutral coasting to a stop, and after the car heats up it clunks when turnning(only when it’s warm 20min)

So when I went to the mech we put it on the lift and found the click right of the bat, it’s right inside the back of the tranny(output bearing), then we can’t find the clunk till after we drove on the highway for 20min, got it back on the lift, put in in first gear, turn the wheel all the way to L/R then we saw the oil spitting out of the boot(the 1next to tranny) and the rack&pinion boot is also opend but not leeking yet, so I’m going to put that off for now.

00, This sounds like it is going to be a transmission repair not a transmission rebuild. It looks like your are considering putting close to $2000.00 in this car. I would ask how you feel about this but I don’t want to rub salt into wounds but does the rest of the car warrant this monetary input?

Is there a large amount of defered maintiance or some other group of large expensive items to be repaired? Last of all make sure this car is not in the group of headgasket sensitive Subarus,hate to see you put money in endlessly.