Leather adhesive applications

My daughter’s car seat slips and slides in the back seat of our leather interior car, even though she is buckled in correctly. The factory leather is quite slick… it might even be vinyl is seems so slick (2007 Buick Lucerne). I checked with a few web pages, and they all suggest using 2 sided Velcro would damage the leather when I would want to remove it later. Any suggestions as to how I could attach her car seat or stop it from slipping and sliding in the back seat? It is simply a flat-bottomed booster seat for an older child, 5-8 years old. It isn’t designed for latch systems and such. We put her in the middle as that is the safest spot in the rear seating area.

If you are really talking about a booster seat a web search recommends not to put it in the center of the back seat. Look at articles on the web and most cities fire stations will look at your seat and car and tell you how to fasten them the best way.

No, the center is by far the safest spot for young children according to any credible source I’ve ever read from. It isn’t a fasten-style seat. It is free standing. You simple buckle your child after they sit in it. It is a flat-bottomed, backless booster seat for elementary-aged children. I will indeed call up our local government, I seem to remember they help with seats. The problem seems unique, as this same seat doesn’t slip in our other car nor did it slip in our previous car. It is a decent seat.

Maybe some ot the self adhesive foam weatherstrip appled to the bottom of the car seat would work to prevent sliding. Another thought might be one of those foam exercise pads trimmed down a bit and put under the seat would work also.

Go anywhere that sells tool cabinets and chests and pick up a roll of foam rubber drawer liner.


Place a sheet of this on the seat and put the car seat on top.

The car seat won’t budge.


Have you tried putting a towel under the seat? That is quick and may help some by lifting the seat and forcing the seat belt to have a steeper angle when attached. You might also consider a new seat.

Carpet non-slip pad. These work great. http://www.amazon.com/Grip-It-Non-Slip-Surface-Floors-10-Feet/dp/B003TDQQIA

tester and knfenimore made me remember I have this stuff (under carpet non-slip pad) in my basement, I will update with results… I do think it will work.

Thanks Guys.

It is not often that I really feel I know what I am talking about but this time I do and my EMT trained neighbor agrees. The safest place for a full fledged car seat is the center of the back seat. If the center of the back seat only has lap belts the booster seat should not be there. The right side rear is best because of the should strap and the driver can see the child easier .I really hope the OP checks with someone because this is important.

Yes, she is going to be in the center of the back seat, as I said before, with a should belt. VOLVO V70, in your previous post you said NOT the center of the back seat, in your second post you said in the center of the back seat… I think there is some confusion in your posts. The carpet non-slip pad did the trick by the way, the seat is not slipping anymore.


I realize the theory could be that the safest spot is the center but maybe that car seat is just not ever going to sit right on what is essentially a hump between the 2 rear passenger positions.

As to safest spot theory, a point could be made that it’s more unsafe. What if the seat was in the right rear and the car got whacked on the left side? Theory would be that’s safer.
Moved to the middle, get whacked on the left side, and the danger increases according to theory.
Same goes if the seat was on the left rear; just a reversed situation…

While I wonder if you shouldn’t upgrade the seat I think the best would be to go to a woodworkers store and get one of those router/sander pads. They are mesh and designed to be able to hang onto a piece of wood without clamping while you route it. They work quite well for about ten bucks or so. Rockler has them or cheaper elsewhere.


The tool drawer liners do the same thing.

Lay it down, put down whatever you want to route and it stays in place.

I put down this in my pickup box so my box of beer doesn’t slide around in the box while making a beer run.

And best of all, lay this on your counter under the cutting board, and the cutting board doesn’t move.


Although not 100% perfect information, I’d say the evidence is clear…center rear seat is the safest spot to be in for kids in an auto accident.


We can fabricate situations where sitting in a certain area and even not wearing seat belts can be safer. But in the center of the rear seat provides equal probability of safe outcome whether the left or right side is hit.

Back in the day when I was dealing with infant seats, the common wisdom was that the infant should be in the front. Yes, there is less protection in front in case of an accident. However, the driver will always be distracted by the infant’s fussing, talking, crying… whatever. If the infant is in the rear, then the driver is likely to turn around to check on the infant. Hence, higher likelihood of an accident.

That was the theory, anyhow. Of course, we did not have the internet back then, so we had less access to the “truth”.

"The safest place for a full fledged car seat is the center of the back seat."

While technically true–you could just as accurately say that seating position is the safest place for ANYONE–and we certainly don’t force all our guests into that seat, do we? At some level, you’ve reached a nice, safe level–and efforts above and beyond fall into “how many angels can dance on a pinhead” land! IMO, once you’ve securely fastened the tot in an approved seat, away from the path of fnctioning airbags–you’ve fully discharged your obligation.

Take advanced driving classes if you want to reduce the odds of getting in an accident, vs mere survivability concerns that assume you wreck in the first place.

Safest place for the driver is in the center so the design team needs to get busy…

It seems to me that I see a lot of car commercials on TV anymore that portray a hectic mom with the metabolism of a hummingbird slapping the kid into a child seat in the back and then hurriedly backing out in front of another car, truck, etc often with cell phone in hand…

Luckily their lives are spared because of the latest technological innovations on the car that is featured. Drive like an idiot; all will be well seems to be the corporate message.

Just like that Harley commercial that showed some guy cruising along and using a touchscreen on the bike to accept an incoming call. That one disappeared kind of quickly.