Leasing negotiable monthly payments?

My lease is up next month. I want to lease again but was wondering, is it possible to negotiate the monthly payments? If so what can I do to make them lower without giving a higher down payment? Thanks for any input.


You would be a lot better off buying the car you are driving now…On this they WILL negotiate if you have the cash. On a new lease, no, it’s take it or leave it…

It is possible to negotiate a lease. You must be extremely savvy on the understanding who the exact financing works. The willingness to negotiate depends on the car model and desirability on the market.

Frankly leasing seldom pays except for some business uses.

It is almost always far better to buy than lease. Leasing generally cost more overall and it almost always reduces your options, especially if your conditions change and you car needs change because it can greatly limit any change in cars. Getting a different car, driving more than expected miles or getting rid of a car is usually very expensive on a lease. Your choices are limited. Many people have ended up taking out a loan so they can pay off penalties at the end of a lease.

Negotiating monthly payments is what got all those pitiful home buyers into trouble and into foreclosure. You will run into the same trouble with car leasing. Don’t do it!

There is no effective way to save money when leasing a car. Lower monthly payments mean higher down payments plus likely a balloon payment (penalty) at the finish. The sales agent really has no choice, no way to help you out.

Here’s one idea – if you are planning to lease an expensive, upscale car, you must back off and settle for a lesser car.

Don’t, buy out you current car or by another car (for cash). If you cannot afford to pay cash, buy a much less expensive car and drive it until you can pay cash.

Yes you can negotiate a lease. The main factors that will affect a lease are the money factor (equivalent to the APR on a loan), the car’s initial value, the residual value (what the car will cost to purchase at the end of the lease), and the mileage allowance. The first, second and last items will lower your payment as they go down. The third item has the reverse effect. The money factor is negotiable and, if your credit is good, you should get the best available rate. Negotiating leases is extremely complex and they are deliberately designed to discourage you from doing so. I agree with the other people here suggesting you buy the vehicle you can afford. I buy mine and finance them but I keep them after they are paid off until I run them into the ground.

I’d either buy that lovely Bimmer you drive now or an older one that you can afford. And unless you just gotta have that legendary handling, I’d look at a Benz CLK. MUCH prettier than a mere BMW.

Oh, yeah, the lease. The first part of negotiation is to ask. And don’t restrict yourself to just one dealer. Use the internet to find delaers within 100 miles of your home. Unless you live in a remote area, you should find several dealers to provide quotes, don’t be bashful; tell them you are shopping around for the best deal after they respond. Sometimes they make a lot of money, and sometimes you do.