Leaky Radiator or something else?

I have a 1990 Jeep Cherokee Laredo. I recently posted a thing about my car overheating. Well, I replaced the belt problem that was part of it.

The people at the garage that I took it to said that I also had a leaky radiator. But they put sealant and new fluid in it.

Now, here’s the problem (besides the leaky thing) If I drive it when its cool outside, or if I am going 30-45 MPH its fine, but when I am idle, it starts to get REALLY hot! It also heats up quickly if I drive for more than 15 minutes.

Now, about the leak, I haven’t seen any puddles, and I haven’t noticed a smell. I’m not too sure on where the plug thing is to check the fluids (I only know where the overflow tank is), so I can’t tell if its full or not.

any tips? Please, I am hoping that I don’t have to shell out the 300 bucks to get the radiator replaced!

Frankly it sounds like you need a new radiator. I don’t think much of those leak fixes. They can cause a problem (like your overheating) just as easily as fixing a leak.

I suggest finding a local independent radiator shop. They are likely to do better work and charge less, in the long run.

Two fairly cheap things to check are 1) is the radiator clogged on the outside and 2) the thermostat. Had a truck that overheated at idle and it turned out that there was a bunch of trash clogging the outside of the radiator and it had to have road speed wind moving through to cool. You can back wash it with a garden hose to blow the trash out. Sometimes thermostats go all at once and sometimes to do funcky things as they are going bad. They cost $10 with a new gasket and are easy to change. There is a way to check but since they are so cheap, you may as well replace since you already have it apart.

I am thinking that I should go to this garage that my friend goes to and get an engine diagnostic… That way I can see for sure what it is before I spend all of my money (what little there is…).