Leaky rad

i juss came in from a ride in my 2002 accent and juss as i pulled into the drive way i could feel the car shakking a bit, i poprd the hood to see engin coolant being spraied all over the motor, i cant seem to pin point the leak but i was wondering if it could be repaired or if i would have to replace it

Why was the car shaking? Did it overheat? Don’t “fix” a leaky radiator, just replace it. Are you sure it’s the radiator? Could be a hose. If your car was shaking because it was so overheated that it was on the verge of stalling you may have bigger problems.

she wasn’t about to stall it seemes like th eleak was being spraied back trough the fan i figured the fan was being forced off balace by the leaky flud squirtin over it it wasnt a sever shake just a smal constant vibration and she never over heated

The vibration you felt might’ve been from various pulleys and such slipping as they were being showered with hot engine coolant. Consider yourself lucky that this happened as you pulled into your driveway, saving yourself both a towing bill and a potentially catastrophic overheat situation.

Radiators that leak usually can’t be reliably repaired, so replacement is recommended.

I’d try to verify if you’ve blown a head gasket. An aluminum headed engine does not require much in the overheating department before head gaskets start giving way.

The only way I could see a leaking radiator causing a shaking engine would be if coolant was blown back on the parts of the ignition system (coils, wires, etc.) and started shorting them out or the engine was being severely overheated (see first statement of my post).

A pressure test will pinpoint the source of the leak. Start from there.