Leaking Rims

I have a Lexus ES300 year 2002. Dealer took original rims & had them chromed. After 10 yrs. the chrome has deteriated inside where the tire seals to the bead of the rim & has caused a slow leak. Can this be repaired & at what cost & where do I go to get the repair? Would it be more cost effective to purchase new wheels from Discount Tires? I may only keep car another 1 to 2 yrs.

I think you are talking about the “rims” and not the “reams”. At any rate, I think I would purchase new wheels.

I agree, it’ll cost more to fix than replace. Go to tirerack.com or discount tire, now you have an excuse for getting a new set of rims!

But if you’re only keeping it 1 or 2 years, you could go to a junkyard, used tire store, tire store, or Lexus dealer and look for a set of used rims, they’re pretty common. They’re sometimes sold as ‘take offs’ (stock rims that were replaced with new aftermarket rims).

Make mine another votte for new rims. Repairing those would require careful chemical stripping, flashing, and replating. It won’t be worth the cost.

Car magazines and wheel manufacturer website have tons of cool rims, and you can even buy “OEM replacement rims” for a fraction of a dealer cost.