Leaking power steering fluid


i have a 1998 v70 volvo wagon with 115,000 miles. started having steering problems a months ago and ended up replacing the steering pump and rack at $1,000. STILL had leakage. Resevior continued to go down and had leakage on garage floor. mechanic said that there was no leak! Came in several days later and finally another mechanic at same shop said that the new rack was defective and they would replace at no cost. driven it a week and still there is fluid on my garage floor. they said this is residual fluid. how long does it take for this fluid to flush out? I think i’m being taken for a ride …

thanks for any suggestions…


Translation. The first rack WAS defective (quite common with rebuilt parts) but instead of replacing it for free, they added some stop leak and they HOPE that will work and get them off the hook. It hasn’t quite worked yet.

Yes, I AM a bit of a cynic…


does stop leak fluid have a stange red tinge to it? that is what is on my garage floor.


I don’t know, but power steering fluid can be red. Auto Trans fluid is most commonly red.