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Leaking head gasket

i have a leaking head gasket…is that the same as a blown head gasket and do any of the chemicals online fix a leaking head gasket to avoid paying 1000.00

i forgot to add to the above…could one keep driving it even with a leak and loosing anti freeze

Yes, leaking=blown. No additive will fix the problem and you should get it fixed asap or risk further damage to your engine. You could keep driving it but there is a risk of catastrophic engine failure, then you’d need a new engine.

Agree with posters; this is something you HAVE TO FIX PROPERLY!! There is no quick snake oil fix, and the head has to come off, everything inspected and a new gasket installed. Don’t drive this car another mile if you want to avoid further engine damage.

Yes, a leaking head gasket is a blown headgasket.
No, no additive will fix a blown headgasket.

Yes, you could keep driving it for a short while…and it will rapidly get worse and worse as the breech erodes and grows…and the overheating will begin because the cylinder is now blowing hot combustion gasses into the water jacket…and the engine will die a noisy and horrible final death when the main bearings fail due to the coolant that’s contaminated the oil. There will be no fixing it at that point.

In needs fixing unless you plan to drive it until it dies completely then scrap it. I know someone who’s doing this with an old beat up Subie. He drives it very few miles and only around town so he’s been getting away with it for quite a while now.