Leaking camshaft adjuster seal



When my 2001 Bettle was in for yet another recall the dealer reported that the camshaft adjuster seal was leaking engine oil onto the coolant flange and wiring. This has not been reported in the past and I am wondering if it is related to the work that was done by the dealer to replace the timing belt and water pump 5,000 miles ago and is therefore a problem they created themselves? If not is this really a necessary $700+ repair?


Chances are, they disturbed the seal when they changed the timing belt…They had the timing cover off and that’s where that seal must be…They will of course deny that…

Your car is 10 years old and leaky seals are to be expected. “High-Mileage” motor oil contains seal softeners (conditioners) that may reduce or stop the leak.

A “leak” means spots of oil on the ground under the car. A “seep” means a normal condition of an older car…Leaks should be fixed. Seeps you can live with…