Camshaft seal leaking

I noticed my camshaft seals are leaking oil. I know nothing about cars, but i am also dealing with a coolant leak(common with my car(cruze lt 2013). is it safe to drive with a leaking camshaft seal? I cant get it to the mechanic for two weeks due to my work schedule as i rely on my car.

Driving it with a camshaft seal leak is less of an issue than a coolant leak. As long as it is not leaving a puddle under your car just check your oil level and top up at least each gas fill up. The coolant should be checked more often, again, depending on how much you are losing.

Yes, it is safe to drive.

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If the timing belt gets oily it will deteriorate and strip resulting in jumped time and all the problems that can bring.


I noticed the car is 5 years old and may be due for a timing belt replacement anyway?
I wouldn’t panic but I’d get it in as soon as possible, remembering that if that belt fails you’re in for a much, much bigger problem.

And while they’ve already got front of the engine open to replace the seal, they may as well do a full timing belt replacement. All seals, water pump, pulleys, etc…
It’s probably a $400 job, most of it labor, and it would be a shame to have to redo it in a couple of months because another $5 part failed.


Good points… if this is a turbo 1.4 liter engine, it has a timing chain. No worries. If this is the non turbo motor, it has a timing belt. Oil on the belt means you should change it when the seal is replaced.

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well the car is 500 miles away from 90K and i bought it a couple of months ago and it runs beautifully, i just wish i knew more about cars to do it myself. so i guess i should just ask the place i bought(family owned mechanic shop) to just replace everything? I do have a coolant leak i have know for a couple of weeks and i just top it off once a week for now. For now i will just drive when i have to.

The LT uses the 1.4L engine, and that has a timing chain.

Please don’t take this as critical or hostile but how do you know know your “crankshaft seals” are leaking and that your “coolant leak” is the common problem?

You mentioned that " I know nothing about cars" and you only “bought it a couple of months ago”, did you have it inspected by an independent mechanic, hopefully before purchase?

These may be simply normal wear items, but I’m concerned that they’re showing up so soon after your purchase and I hope the family owned shop you bought it from will at least cut you a break on their labor.