Leaking brown fluid

Colonial Honda changed my oil yesterday and did 25 point inspection. All good they tell me. 12 hours later my Honda Pilot has no eccelaration and is leaking a light brown fudgicle color oily fluid from under the right side of front of vehicle. Now the car revs but won’t move. What gives. Can someone help me

Check your oil level immediately and see if there is any oil on the dipstick. It might also be transmission fluid. What year Pilot, how many miles, and have you ever changed the transmission fluid? If there is a transmission dipstick, check that fluid level too.


2009 pilot. Tranny fluid has been changed regularly when called for. Honda has done all the maintenance on this vehicle and I only bring to them

165000 miles

You didn’t say if you checked the fluid levels and whether they are topped up. If you just had an oil change, it should be at the top of the holes or crosshatching.

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They may have accidentally drained the transmission fluid instead of the oil. If so, the engine oil may be overfilled, and the transmission under-filled. Suggest to double check both the transmission fluid and oil levels before running the engine again.


ah, the call the service writer hates. you worked on my car yesterday and today it wont move. he may think great more business or maybe a customer who will blame us for the new issue. tow car to dealer. have them tell you what is wrong. than proceed.
always been told. retrace your steps when new issues arises. what did i touch? or what did dealer mechanic touch?