2005 honda pilot, strange leak

When I got home tonight and saw my wife’s pilot I saw 3 small drops under the right front bumper. I thought that was a strange place for a leak and verified that it was oil (brown oil). Looking under the car I saw that it was leaking from an area just behind the right headlight. I opened the hood and under the coolant reservoir and power steering thing there was a splash of oil. Not a whole lot, just a splash (that is the best word I know to describe it). I have never seen this before and it seems to have stopped. I checked the oil and it seems full. I haven’t had any service to the car recently.

Thank you thank you!

I suspect you have an oil cooler built intl the radiator. If that is the case, you may have a leaking radiator or a leaking oil cooler line/hose

What is the year model and engine, @Adam? Earlier Pilots (mid-late 90s) ran coolant through a coupling behind the oil filter to cool the oil but I am not familiar with later models. That contraption was prone to leak but not a significant amount and it was confined to the center just ahead of the crank pulley. The valve cover gaskets are prone to deteriorating and leaking but usually the smoke and odor from the oil burning on the exhaust causes the owner to get them repaired before the oil reaches the ground.

Never mind all that. I was confusing the OP’s Pilot with the Isuzu based Honda SUV.