Leaking 95 Camry Timing Belt Cover Gasket

My gf has a 95 Camry with an oil leak (probably just vapor) coming out of the joint between the timing belt cover gasket and the engine block. Upon further inspection, I discovered that 3" of the gasket is missing. Can this gasket be replaced without removing the crankshaft pulley? If I can’t get the pulley off, can I just put a bead of silicone in the 3" gap? Thanks!

Correction: Oops, I meant to say that the leak is between the block and the cover, not the cover gasket.

I wouldn’t worry about the missing section of gasket. Many times when a timing belt is replaced and the cover is removed, those gaskets come apart in pieces where they can’t be reused. So the cover is reinstalled without the gasket.

The oil leak is probably from a leaking front crankshaft seal. So in the future if you plan to change the timing belt/water pump, include a new crankshaft seal with the service.


Thanks, Tester. Do you see any downside to putting a bead of silicone in the area where the gasket is missing? It’s at the top of the timing belt cover.

There is not supposed to be oil in with the timing belt. If there is, a seal between that space and the engine block has gone and is ruining your timing belt. It must be fixed now.

Don’t seal it. Let the oil drain out. Keeping it inside the covers will just increase the possiblity that the oil will get on the belt. If the belt change interval is close, have the seal, timing belt, and water pump changed.