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Leak in cooling system 1997 Volvo 850 GLT Sedan


I have a leak where what I beleive is the line to the heater coil connects to the top of the radiator in my 1997 850 GLT sedan. The hose enters the radiator at the top near the rubber cooling system hose. I believe this is the line to the heater coil as my heater is not putting out a normal level of heat (not leaking at the coil though as interior is dry). It is a turbo so I know that the transmission cooling and oil cooling lines also run into the radiator and they all look similar. AT temp is normal as is oil temp. so I beleive it is heater line. Coolant is leaking on to the ground not internally and I can see it coming from the location where this line enters the radiator. I am wondering if I can re-connect this line with a new seal or something? The connection itself is what looks to be some type of quick lock connector with which I am not familiar. All of the other similar connectors entering the radiator have a quick tie around them too. Before I head for the shop I am wondering if there is anything I can do myself first. Thanks!