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Latte, in French, means "You paid too much for that coffee!" What does Bugatti's La Voiture Noire mean?

It is supposed to mean “the black car” in French, but what do you think?

(I only drink home brewed black coffee.)

It means The Black Car alright. Seems a bit simplistic of a name… for the French, of course. For the non-French speaking public is sounds positively cultured! The reported new owner, however speaks German, English and probably French as well.

Still, what if he wanted a blue one? La Voiture Bleu??

i think that phrase literally means just what you say, “Black Car”. So it is like a Model T, you can have it in any color you like, as long as it is black.

Do you ever take your home brew w/you in a thermos and later find you are drinking it at a coffee shop? Je fais mon café à la maison et le bois au café!! :wink:

I don’t go to coffee shops or restaurants. Food and beverage is strictly DYI for me. I bank the savings and health benefits.

One time I told a judge if he imposed a $100 fine for a traffic ticket my response would be to eat at home rather than take a friend to dine in a restaurant the next weekend, and use the difference to pay the fine. So the fine wouldn’t penalize me, I’d still eat the same as if I went to the restaurant. The fine instead would take $100 out of the pocket of the restaurant owner, the wait-staff, and $10 from the state of Calif. There’s no sales tax on food purchased in grocery stores but there is a 10% sales tax on restaurant purchases. I thought this a pretty good argument.

The judge looks at me, up one side and down the other, and proclaims: You don’t look like much of a chef. Your penalty is you’ll have to eat your own cooking!! Pay on the way out. … lol


A one off built for a customer that was inspired by the Type 57 SC Atlantic. Almost makes the price of a Chiron look reasonable.

Similarly, the Maserati Quattroporte’s name simply means “Four Door”.
To language-challenged Americans, it sounds… I guess… elegant or exotic.


Sort of like Ricardo Montalban extolling the virtues of a Chrysler Cordoba and its rich Corinthian leather.


Yes, but the late Mr. Montalban’s spiel was really ridiculous.
Let’s see…
… a Mexican actor extolling the virtues of an American-made car that is labeled with the name of a heavily-Moorish city in Spain, and which was supposedly upholstered with leather imported from Greece.
Truly, truly ludicrous.

It’s all about the sound of it, like klactoveedsedstene.

THAT I had to look up! :grinning:

It is not A black car, it is THE black car. There are no others now. Or so Bugatti might want you to think. I’ll take two, and call me in the morning.