Last one i promise


77xr75 ok these are the last two i promise, one of my carb jets moved, should i move it back? and my new kn filter makes alot of noise why?


K&N filter allow more air to flow. They also allow more sound out of the carb. So you will be able to hear the intake pulse from the engine more. Your jets should be snug. If it turned out and is loose, it will likely fall out while you are running. Is this a CV carb? How do you know the jet is turned out. Or are you talking about the idle stop?


I don’t know anything about the cab jets. I can’t imagine what you mean they “moved.”

However the additional noise OS from the K&N filter. Back in the old days the air filter on a car was call a silencer because it reduced the noise. That K&N does not do it.