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Land Rover Discovery II Squeak plus obsessed with the truck boyfriend problem

My boyfriend’s Disco II is making a sound halfway between chirping and flatulence… Everytime we get into the truck to get groceries or dinner he spends 20 minutes trying to fix it and then obsesses over the sound the whole way to wherever we’re going.

The sound only happens on revving the engine, or acceleration. He’s already lubricated all the pulleys and changed the oil and radiator fluid.

Any ideas? Someone help me. I want a normal truck ride back!

It’s time sto stop agonozing and get it fixed before it becomes something REALLY EXPENSIVE.

With any luck he MAY get away with a few hundred dollars now.

Owning any Landrover means you have patience to put up with their idiosyncracies, and are well heeled enough to fix them when they need it. This is not a vehicle for anal retentionists when it comes to repairs!

A few common Land Rover problems that can cause this type of noise:

Fan catching on the fan shroud - worn / softened engine mounts can allow the fan to come into contact with the shroud under acceleration.

Fan clutch on its way out, can cause odd noises and possible poor acceleration if it’s binding up.

PCV valve to air intake rubber pipe split or poor connections.

Split intake air elbow, a small split will suck air under acceleration load and can make various noises.

Distributor to plenum vacuum line split or poorly connected. A perished vacuum advance unit can also make odd noises under acceleration if the diaphragm is split.

Misaligned alternator is another possible cause if the alternator has been replaced and is not correctly aligned ie - the wrong alternator. Not common but is a known problem.

Power steering pump bolts loose, check the 4 bolts on the pulley, they’ve been known to shake loose after re-use.

I’d start with the fan and fan clutch, followed by pulling vacuum lines to see if it eliminates the noise, failing that remove the belts to eliminate them, you could just have a faulty belt that is breaking up.