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Land Rover "95

When I turn and accelerate there is a low utterance in the wheel. What is causing the noise. One mechanic said that needed differential fluid.

Have you checked the differential fluid, as the mechanic suggested? Has the differential fluid ever been replaced?

Do some reasearch on the diff. (I conclude we are talking about the rear and it is some type of “limited slip” correct me here if I am wrong) and see if special fluid or normal fluid and a additive is called for.

I know with GM “posi-traction” the diff.fluid modifier makes all the difference in the world in regards to shuddering (is that the same thing as a low utterence)? It is amazing what that little bottle of magic fluid can do.

hmmm…lemme guess.

Since Land Rover only make either a 90" or 110" chassis I’ll guess you are referring to a 1995 Range Rover or Discovery.

Next - which wheel are you talking about ? Front wheel ? Rear wheel ? Steering Wheel ?

  • and can you better describe this low utterance ???

Thank you for responding. The car is not mine. I am asking for a friend. My understanding is that it is the front that makes the noise.

That is still too vague to be able to get a response with much value.
How about having your friend log in with something more specific?

If this is a low moaning noise it’s power steering pump, a stock Land Rover failure at this age. They are a bear to change, but do check the PS fluid level first, if you see a lot of foam in the reservoir then the pump is gone.

Otherwise this could be either diff or a dry hub. Check underneath and you’ll see a shiny ball at each end of the axle, this is the driveshaft end cover if you can see grayish/greenish grease leaking from the seal you need to get that seal changed before the UJ self destructs. Or at least refill with the correct LR lubricant (available from AtlanticBritish.

If all seems well at the axle ends check your diff oil level, if it’s okay it could be a bearing, though this is unusual.

As the other posters have said, more information from you would probably provide better answers.