Lack of Heat at Low Speeds and Idle

About 2 months ago I bought a used 2006 Stratus. Since then, it has gotten a lot colder out. I have noticed that the heater will not blow any heat at idle, and I cannot actually feel any heat until I am traveling about 55 mph. I’m not sure what the problem may be and I don’t want to replace a lot of parts if it is a simple fix. I believe the car orginally came from somewhere in california and not sure if there is a setting internally on the thermostat or not.

You may not be operating the controls correctly. The only source for such information, that I know of, is the OWNER’S HANDBOOK. You can get one through the Dodge dealer, or over the Web. It’s not cheap; but, when you need it…

I can think of three causes: 1) the thermostat may not be allowing the engine to reach operating temperature. If your car has a temperature gauge, check to see if it is in the normal zone and not near the cold mark after you have driven the car a few miles. Thermostat replacement is inexpensive. 2) There may be a partial blockage in the heater core. The heater hoses can be disconnected and the core backflushed which may cure this problem; 3) there may be air in the system. Sometimes, starting the car when it is cold and loosening the radiator cap while it warms up will bleed the air from the system.

A good mechanic should be able to isolate the problem and repair the above at a reasonable cost.

Sounds to me like the heater fan isn’t working. You feel it at 55 because the air is being forced into the car at 55. Being a 2006…I think hellokit is right…you may not be operating the controls correctly. Make sure you’re turning the fan on.