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Labor for transmission replacement

There is a certain allure in buying a car for $200 and spending $1000 only to result in having a car equal to a $1200 car that is usually already available.

For someone to buy an inoperative car for $1250 when there are newer vehicles available for $1200 to $2000 suggests that there is a strong attraction to this old car. I have paid more for old cars that I was interested in but I perform the repairs myself as a hobby.

Yeah, but the old cars YOU bought probably were more interesting than a 1995 Skylark, and I suspect they might have had considerable value, when you were done . . . unlike the Skylark

If I have a litter of pigs and sell one to you, turn away from you and stuff the pig in a sack and tie the sack closed would you hand over the cash and drive home? If you do and get home where your wife tears the bag and a cat drops out you’d be unhappy. “Pig in a poke” and “let the cat out of the bag” are the same laisez faire warning tale.