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Transmission replacement labor costs

later this week I am having the transmission replaced in my 97 Chevy s-10 pick up with a used one from a vehicle the shop owns. The quote they gave me charges for labor cost to remove the transmission from their vehicle. Is that standard?

What is the total price they are charging for the used transmission including getting it out of the donor truck but not including installing it in your truck?

I don’t have a full breakdown of the costs. Just when I got the quote over the phone it was mentioned that labor to get it out of the vehicle was included in the total price of $1113 they gave me for the whole job. I don’t have experience getting a used part from the shop that’s doing the work. I guess usually it would be included in the price from the junkyard that pulled it.

Look at the entire price and warranty if any and then decide. Don’t worry about the small stuff between.

If you got the part at a salvage yard the cost of removal would be included in the cost of the part. There is labor to remove it, but it is just buried in overall cost of the part. You might have to pay some shipping or transportation cost for a salvage part. The final costs of $1113 for a transmission switch by a reputable shop with a warranty that it will work seems like a good deal to me.

Offhand, the price sounds fair for all of that but the sticky point would be just how good that used transmission is, whether it has a warranty and for how long, etc.

Without knowing how this shop does things there are a few procedures that should be done before installing a used transmission.
Drop the pan and clean it along with changing the filter.
Flush the cooler lines and cooler out.
Replace the front pump seal; a.k.a. torque converter seal.
While not often done either, I would replace the engine rear main seal while the transmission is out. That seal is over 15 years old and Murphy’s Law says that if it’s not replaced it will leak the week after the repair is completed and the transmission will have to come back out.

You did not say if your truck was 4x4 or not… If it is 2wd this is a VERY easy trans to pull, a good should should have it down in less then 2 hours… Back up in another 2hr…lets call it 6hrs to be on the safe side… At $100 an hour is $600, figure $100-$150 for “shop supplies” trans fluid, filter, gasket, etc… you are at lets say $750, so he is chargeing you about $300-325 for the trans (I am leaving room for tax)… Which is not horrible, especially if he knows it is good… These numbers are very rough, but probably close… As an FYI a 4x4 would be much more difficult to work on, and would take more time…