Kudos to Toyota/Lexus

Recently, there have been news articles about car manufacturers who are converting normally-free (after purchase) features to “subscription only” access. IIRC, BMW is making heated seats a “subscription only” feature.

However, Toyota/Lexus is bucking the trend by giving purchasers of their 2023 models ten years of free access via Smartphones to their safety and service features. It appears that some other features may be “subscribers only”, but at least these two very important features will be free for a decade on those marques. Hopefully some other manufacturers will be shamed into doing something similar.


They were also one of the first, if not the first, to put all of their updated safety features on every model as standard equipment.

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Not all vehicles are equipped for safety and service connect services.
The ten year free subscription applies to Service Connect. Your vehicle is monitored for system faults. If a fault is detected in the A/C controls or parking brake for example, your dealer is notified and can call you to schedule an appointment, if this is something you need.

Safety connect and remote start are still 1 year.

Below are three 2023 Camrys and the subscription offerings.