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Koi pond in hard top 1998 jeep sahara

does anyone know Precisely(!) where the abundant water that feeds the permanent koi pond on floor boards comes in(yes, i pull and replace the plugs/stoppers it keeps the big fish out i can’t leave in carpet in because of the mushroom colony and it gets blazing hot because of lack of insulation between people and parts

Sounded like a reasonable question, albeit worded in a strange way.

If I understand you, your car floor is very wet. Is this just a recent problem, or has it been happening for many months?

We need more information.

In winter, snow on your feet gets on the floor and melts and makes things really wet, if you live in the snow zone. One solution is to put some sort of plastic on the carpet, BUT BE SURE YOU DON’T TANGLE UP WITH THE THROTTLE OR BRAKES AND HAVE A WRECK. Or, maybe a small throw rug, and take it in the house to dry every night?

Another possibility is bad rubber door seals if you have a lot of rain and the car is sometimes parked outside when it rains.

Does the liquid smell like anti-freeze which would indicate a leak from the heater?