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Kohler oil filters?

This is for laughs – I think.

This popped up in an ad on my gmail. I’ve bought plenty of Kohler plumbing parts, but I never heard of their oil filters – even “manufacturer-approved oil filter for your engine.”

They fit Kohler 17-26 lawn tractor engine, and a couple B&S engines too. And they are “manufacturer-approved” by Kohler for Kohler engines

I’m not sure exactly how the company went from iron castings & steel to do both plumbing and small engines. But obviously the underlying need for the castings and steel does sit down underneath both product lines.

I’ve bought Kohler plumbing, but on small engines I’m still a Briggs guy.

@cigroller, as with most companies, they probably acquired a small engine manufacturer and put thier name on it. Also, I would not be at all surprised if they have a supplirr that makes the oil filter and prints thier name on it, just like the car manufacturers do.

I got a little curious. They did start as a general cast iron/steel working company. An enamel coated livestock watering trough morphed into a bathtub. They ended up in engines when they developed electrical generators. They say it was the “first” engine powered electrical generator (1920), though I’m always skeptical of priority claims since they are often wrong. (Edison’s “invention” of the light bulb being a particularly famous wrong story). But either way, they’ve been in engines since the early part of the 20th C. I had actually never thought to ask whether Kohler engines and plumbing were the same company. Apparently it is.

But I’m sure that they actually manufacture little these days and sub out most everything, as is the “thing” now.

Kohler engines used to be the top line engine for landscapers garden tools. They were commercial grade, and they cost considerably more than your consumer grade B&S engines. I don’t know if todays engines are the same, but I have an old Troy Built Horse garden tiller with a Kohler engine. I got it second hand so I don’t know how old it is, but it still runs strong.

Yep, Kohler engines have been around for decades. Don’t know and don’t think if its the same company that makes faucets. Think they were another small engine company from Wisconsin like Briggs, Tecumseh, and maybe Clinton (Nope, Clinton Michigan, then Iowa). How about the Wisconsin engines. Those were work horses. When I was a kid Popular Mech. had an ad for 2 cycle Clinton engines for $5. My friend ordered one for his mini bike and it was fine. I dunno. Its a shame we have lost so much.

As far as the Sears ads go though, the ads pop up but if you try and go any farther they aren’t in stock or available etc.