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Known problems in the 2008 Lexus GX 470?

Hello, What type of problems have you had with your 2008 GX 470 if any?

Help me out here . I just do not understand all the posts like this that show up here . Are you looking to buy one or do you have one ? A 2008 is now 11 years old so any of them could have a lot of problems or some of them might have hardly any. If the 2008 GX 470 did have some problems when sold new they could have all been fixed by now.

Hello, I am looking to buy a 2008 lexus gx 470 and I just wanted to know if there is anything about this vehicle that is problematic besides the normal wear and tear?


Then spend about 100 to 125 dollars for a mechanic to look the vehicle over for problems .

Yes, of course I would do that; however, that does not answer my question.

This is my first time on so I think I clicked on the wrong

place and asked the wrong question. Thank you anyway.

I am in the minority but I don’t think much of the Carcomplaints site. I have doubts about the ability of some people to really know if they have a problem. Whether it really gives a good idea of how good a vehicle is some say it is .

Thank you for your input. for some reason I thought I would be put in contact with other gx 470 owners in hopes of learning of their experiences good or bad. I have had 3 rx’s and am ready to move up to a bigger and more expensive vehicle so I thought I would
do some research today before I buy one. according to car complaints, 05 and 08 are the years with the least amount of problems, but like you said, some people may not know if they really have a problem.

The GX 470 is a very reliable vehicle. I have replaced radiators, alternators and rear air suspension air bags on customers GX 470s. A pre-purchase inspection might show that these things have been replaced but there is no way to predict the life span of these parts.

That engine has a timing belt, it must be replaced every 9 years/90,000 miles.

Be sure to drive one before you buy, they don’t drive like a RX, the GX accelerates like an overweight truck.

Inspect the condition of the dash, some of these crack and peel. The dash pad had a warranty extension that expired at 10 years.

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Thank you for the reply, Is the gx a heavy vehicle? I am going to test drive a 2008 in a couple of days

so now I will know what to expect.

The GX 470 weighs 4900 lbs but it feels like a 7000 lbs vehicle.

With a V8 and all wheel drive this SUV has a fuel economy rating of 14 MPG city/18 MPG highway.

If you don’t need the extra space and towing capacity you might consider a 2010 or newer RX 350. has a sister website . . .

The people responding right now are from

All the electric gadgets and gizmos a car like that has could fail at any time, hvac system, audio/gps, restraint system, power doors/mirrors, etc. But that’s gonna be true for any high end car of that age. About the only thing I see is a problem with the driveshaft, and the air pump emissions gadgetry. Both appear to be minor problems, but have your own mechanic check those before writing any checks. I’d say for a luxury 2008, good choice, provided you are willing to live with all the misc. electrical gadgetry that will fail from time to time.

Make sure the mechanic verifies CEL turns on, all the readiness monitors are complete, and they understand the cause for any remaining diagnostic codes.

Thank you for the useful information George.

I do like the look of the newer RX, but I need something that will tow my boat which is 4,500 lbs plus the trailer and I hear that the gx470 will tow 6,500 lbs.