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Knocking when accelerating

I have had this clicking,knocking, whatever you call it for sometime. I have regular oil changes. I just took the car in to have the noise checked out, and the mechanic called and said even though it was 600 miles till my next oil change, the oil was low, and that was causing the noise. They changed the oil, and added an additive. The noise is till there, just not quite as loud. It happens when I step on the gas. Any other ideas?It does last long, but still makes the clicking, knocking noise.

Real difficult to diagnose over the net.

The noise could must be knocking…which is caused by pre-detonation of the gas. What kind of gas are you using?

I’m also concerned about the oil being low. This is NOT good. I suggest you monitor your oil more closely. If the low oil is the cause then what you might be hearing is the bearings…which is NOT good…fix is to rebuild the engine.