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Knocking sound

When I start my car I hear a knocking sound in the engine. It stops as soon as I put it in gear. I just had the oil changed and it still does it.

Some more info might help. How about the year, mileage, engine for a start.

How often is the oil changed? Is the oil level checked and maintained between changes? Was the knock present before the last oil change? How long has the knock been present? Did the knock start after an event, i.e overheating, oil level low, etc. Has the oil level been checked since the last oil change?

Ed B.

the oil has been changed twice since the knocking started. It is still full of oil and clean. It started knocking around the month of May. My last mechanic said the car was dying, but I cant believe it because once its running it runs great and smooth. I usually change it every 3 or 4 thousand miles but may have been closer to 5 thousand when I had it done in May.

it is a 95 Grand Prix with 116000 miles on it.