Knocking/klunking noises

I realize that this is not an automobile question, but figure that with all of your mechanical wizardry, you can help me. Went to try out a 82’ Honda Goldwing motorcycle. Upon starting it this very very loud knock/klunk noise began but went away after reving it to about 1500rpms. This boggles my mind in that it went away after reving, seems like it shoud have gotten worse/louder? Any body have an idea? Thank you, Marty

sounds like oil is taking to long to reach the top of the motor.also check to see when the last valve job on the bike was need the valves adjusted after so many miles.hope this helps.

Does the noise remain there all the time at idle or low rpm? I’m a motorcycle guy (but not a GW guy) even though I’ve ridden and tinkered on a few of them.

If it’s there all the time what I’m wondering is if you may have a “similar to Subaru” type of problem.
The Goldwing uses a Boxer engine design like Subaru’s, and if a center main bearing is excessively worn the engine will develop a thump sound at idle mostly.

While I don’t know if this would work on a Goldwing or not, the method for determining this on a Subaru is to pull the No. 3 plug wire loose, start it up, and see if the noise goes away; as ragged as it will be running though.

Be advised that if it has an internal engine problem then the entire engine has to come out and be completely disassembled due to the design.

Just some theory anyway for what it’s worth. :slight_smile: