Knight Rider's KITT

Anyone else ever notice KITT’s interior changed in many episodes? In one, Michael needed a passport, so KITT printed it. In another, Michael needed information on a woman; the printer was gone and a computer was put in its place. I wonder how Michael always knew which pieces of equipment he was going to need before the day even begun!

I’m in the process of turning my 2007 HHR into KITT2. So far I have really tight pants and strolling LED lights that go “whooo whooo”.

Nice screen name. (-;

How did you plan on getting that much “turbo boost”?

I have an HHR. With a massive 149 HP under the hood I can go from 0-60 in 4.5 minutes. I got it all baby!

I thought the new KITT was the KITT2.


I have a new desktop backround!
I should turn my '95 Ford Aspire into a KITT car!

That would rock. I wonder how much it would cost to upgrade your ford to be able to spill oil from the back when the bad guys are chasing you?

That depends on how much an old, worn out engine costs. :stuck_out_tongue: