Kings Spotlights On Hilux PLEASE HELP

My car is a Toyota hilux 2014 Sr
I am hooking up a new pair of spotties and cannot get them to work I have tinkered with them for a couple nights now.
I cannot get the spotties to turn on unless I bridge the switching pin on the relay too the active on the battery terminal then bam they light up but will not trigger without this.
I have tried a whole new wiring harness and relay and am getting the same result!

Power does need to be provided to both the coil and the switch leg on the relay. See diagram below.
Note: The switch is a lighted version. No ground needed to an unlighted switch.


Where would you suggest my problem is because I’m having trouble understanding why the high beam isn’t triggering the spotlights to activate without manually powering the relay to trigger?

Perhaps I do not understand completely, why not just have a dedicated switch with power on a fused circuit and skip the relay.

I can do that and was contemplating that but then I would have to manually switch highbeams on and off I would assume? And also was more just curious as too why it’s not working it’s a plug and play kit it should just plug together an work.

back in my off roading days I put my off-road lights on a separate switch, relay and fuse. I kept my regular low/high beams the way they came from the factory. this way I can use them as normal and when I went off-road and needed more light, I would just flip the switch. never had a problem


Do you have the wire from the high beam circuit connected to terminal 86 on the relay?

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