No headlights please help

i have 1986 toyota sr5 pickup 4x4 and my low or high bems are inop. my flash to pass works just fine. i have tried a new healight switch and both headlamps are new, any suggestions?

Headlight relay in the relay box under the hood? Swap it with the horn relay, if they are the same.

I don’t have any data that matches your model year but one drawing close to your year shows a couple wires tied between the headlight switch and the relay. They are both the same color and it appears that the HL switch makes a ground connection to turn on the relay. One of the wires may be for the flash mode and the other for the constant on mode. The wire color is red/white. Your system may be similar to this. Check to see if you have two wires the same color going to the switch that tie to ground when selected. If you do have that same thing then the wire for the continuous mode may be open to the relay connection. There are also two white/blk wires that tie to ground at the light switch. One of them may be open also.

Headlight circuits are, often, the same from year to year. Here is a wiring diagram for a 1987. Click on this link: Then, click on Fig. 67. Click on the little white outline square, in the upper right hand corner of your screen, to enlarge the diagram. From this diagram, the Combination Light and Dimmer Switch control the head lights. Check for power at the two 10A fuses. Have someone check for power at, before, and after the Combination Switch when headlights are selected. Check for power before, and after, the headlight relay (when energized). Etc.