KIA Transmission fluid

Is there an alternate transmission fluid than qualifies for use in a Kia Optima other than the Kia dealership fluid?

need model year. For 2004 and later, SPIII (which is also a Mitsubishi AT fluid spec) is required, for sure,according to the info I have. Found where 2003 model year requires SPIII in Spectras.

2008 Kia Optima

not sure but I have a camry and accord. I use the castrol import trans fluid in my camry but haven’t for the accord but to top off when short on the honda fluid. I don’t know if the kia is listed on the back but it’s for most imports (not CVT’s though). take a look at the bottle and see if yours is listed.

Thank you! I am doing some more research and if I find any new facts I will send them out.

All I can say is read carefully on any fluid bottle/specification.

Info I found shows that SPIII is sold pretty much only by Kia and Mitsubishi. Apparently the aftermarket folks have not gotten into the market for this fluid.

SP3 diamond or Hyundai or Kia are all one, but there is no generic out there as far as I know. The price varies a lot between Kia, Hyundai and MItsu dealers, so call around. Last year the price per qt around here was anywhere between 5 and 11 dollars.

Castrol’s website now says that their Import Multivehicle fluid is formulated to meet Hyundai and Mitsu SPIII specs, but no mention of Kia, which I find weird.

This should be spelled out in your owners manual. It’ll probably say to use only Kia fluid or some equivalent. Check the owners manual.

It says to use Kia fluid. But I went to the dealer today and had the flush done for $210.00. I thought that was to much, but what does a man do in his situation? To top it off, they said I needed fuel injectors cleaned and new antifreeze/coolant. I would not dare let them do that for their cost.

Find a good independent mechanic. This place is a rip-off. Fuel Injectors cleaner service is a sure sign. Unless your car was running very rough and didn’t accelerate well then your injectors are probably fine.

AS for the tranny fluid. It may be a special type of filter by Kia…That doesn’t mean you have to buy it from the Kia dealer. There’s probably an equivalent out there by some oil company…check around.

Yes, rockauto supplies the SP 111 fluid for the Kia for under six dollars a quart. I’ve used their site for the last 3 years with outstanding service with their parts and fluids. They sell everything specific to the vehicle you’re working on.