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KIA Sportage 94 Motor

My '94 sportage gas motor is shot and I can’t find another with guarantee (or at all) in Costa Rica. I know the 2000 is not interchangeable because of the electronics without complete overhaul. Does anyone know what the latest motor is that will be compatible solely by switching out motors, or of another motor that would be compatible? Thanks!

Wow, I am so very suprised that KIA even made any type of car in 1994, but if you say so. I do know the Sportages I have worked on (around 2000 year model) were not pleasant little vehicles to work on and they must have been complete crud way back in 1994

EDIT: Wikipedia says the first generation Sportage (built with Mazda parts) ran from 1993-2002. That was quite a run.

Scrap it and get a new car, the old KIA’s were absolute ****. How that car even rolls is a mystery.

In the USA we got OBD-II(more emissions) in 1996. So typically engines pre 95 work in our cars but a 1996+ does not. I do not know when OBD-II arrived in Coasta Rica.