Kia Sedona Hybrid Ads

Have you noticed the advertizing for the new Kia Sedona Hybrid vehicles?? They have pioneered the use of the Lithium Polymer battery technology which leap-frogs the competition by providing amazing performance and battery life…They are touting 230,000 mile battery life expectancy…

The revolution in automotive technology has begun. This is going to be fun to watch as the reciprocating piston gasoline fueled engine begins to lose dominance in the automotive industry…

“The revolution in automotive technology has begun.”

I’d call it evolution. Look at how far auto technology has come in the last 50 years. We can buy cars now that are far faster, far safer, and far cleaner than they ever were before. Remember what pigs cars were in the 1980s? And I mean all cars. A ZR-1would blow the doors off any production Corvette in the late 1960s or early 1970s on either a drag strip or on a rad course. Battery technology for hybrids is likewise evolving, and will eventually mature enough to prove pure EVs.

It all comes down to cost. Those batteries are still expensive for an EV. That’s another reason hybrids might just be the sweet spot in engine technology, now and for many years to come.

Those batteries are still expensive for an EV.

Mass produce those batteries and the cost will drop drastically. We see it all the time in the Computer/Electronics industry.

I can buy a mass-produced circuit board or a specialized circuit board that both do pretty much the same thing. The mass produced board is really far more then what our company needs. Both boards are made by the same company in the same plant. The mass produced board has a wide range of uses and is sold to many companies. The specialized board would only be for my company. The circuit board company already built a few prototypes to our specs. It’s a far less complicated board then the generic mass produced board.

Cost of specialized board - $1100.

Cost of the Mass Produced board - $27

If we built us 5,000,000 of the specialized boards…the cost drops to about $27. But we only need less then 1000/yr.