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Kia Sedona driving with no keys?

We recently bought a 2005 Kia Sedona. My husband noticed the other day that he could remove the keys from the ignition when the van was in accessory mode. I realized today driving down the highway that I can remove the keys in any mode (even when driving 65 mph down the highway!). That doesn’t seem right to us. Think it’s something to fix?

It’s an indication of wear.

If the cylinder can be turned with no key from the off & locked position it’s something to fix.
If it has a chip in the key and taking them out moves the chip too far away to function, then it’s something to fix. or just leave them in.
Otherwise take your keys out and enjoy the quiet ride without the jangle of a ring full of keys there.

This was the case in my 92 Explorer. It DID stay locked when turned all the way to off. So I never fixed anything. When I sold it in 2009 the new buyer actually liked that neat little feature.
I would utilize that feature to warm the truck in the winter and lock the doors yet still have the key to get in.

My 1954 Buick, like all Buicks back in those days, could be driven without keys. The ignition switch had three positions: Lock, On, Off. When the switch was turned to the lock position and the key removed, the ignition was locked. However, one could turn the key to the On or Off position and remove the key. The ignition switch could then be turned to On or Off without the key. The starter was combined with the accelerator–pressing the accelerator 1/3 or more of the way down with the switch in the On position activated the starter. After the engine fired, the starter automatically disengaged.

This is actually quite common. A friends chrysler lebaron did it, my girlfriends camry does it, I am certain plenty of other vehicles have this “feature” as well. Nothing to worry about if you ask me.

It USE to be a feature…but with anti-theft devices like locking steering wheels it’s NOT a feature…You should NOT be able to remove the keys.