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Kia Sedona door locks keep relocking

Started a few months ago, randomly, but as of this last week, now happens almost all the time. Whether I use the remote entry from the outside or manually unlock from the inside, ALL of the doors (and rear back) immediately lock back up. If it was just a single door, I figure it would be the actuator (?) in that door; or if only happened with keyless entry, then figure the battery was bad or needed to be reprogrammed. But since it happens to all of the doors and when manually unlocking (from inside or outside with a key), then what could it be? Thanks so much for any advice on where to look.

Year please. Some new cars act this way as a security feature.

  1. We’ve had it for about 4 years & this is a recent problem. Thanks!

i’m with grampy. it’s most likely a security feature. I’d be safe and take it to the closest kia dealer and have them check it out.

I too think it’s a security feature…misbehaving.

My system gives me about 3 seconds after remotely unlocking the door to open something. If I do not, it locks everything back up. If your has a similar protocol, perhaps that timer feature is malfunctioning.

Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about the technology used. Correcting it may be as simple as reprogramming a security system chip in the body control module. But that’s just a wild guess. You may have to go to the dealer for this one.

Is the battery in the van the original? If it is starting to fail, the reduced voltage can cause all sorts of problems.

We have an 05 and have realized that when we use the remote entry, the car will lock up in about 20-30 seconds.