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KIA Sedona 2004 - Advise


Need a van as my old dodge caravan giving me

handful of troubles. KIA Sedona 2004 for sale asking for $ 6500, 39000 miles, looks good. Need to know any of you have good or bad experiences with this model - preferably bad experiences would like to know.


The Kia Sedona appears on two of Consumer Reports’ lists.

The Sedona ('02 thru '06) is listed as one of the Used Cars To Avoid, because of poor reliability.

The Sedona (all model years) also appears on the Worst of the Worst list for “much worse than average reliability”.

Specifically, the problem areas are engine, drive system, climate system, suspension, brakes, paint/trim, and power equipment.

For about the same amount of money, you could buy an '02 Hyundai Santa Fe, which is much more reliable.

I will also remind you that parts are going to be more expensive than the Dodge you have. Might want to consider a newer Caravan. They are dirt cheap when bought used. We have had (so far) good luck with our 2000.

Thanks for your input both VDCdriver and galant. As per your suggestions and my instinct will go for a Dodge Caravan. The Caravan which I have now was quite a good one for a number of years - of late giving problems.
Thanks again - you guys helped me to decide.