Kia Rio Car is sliding when driving over manholes n bumps

I have this problem with my Kia Rio 1.4 Crdi 2016. When i drive over small bumps or especially manholes on the road the steering turns slightly to the left also the wheels witch is making the car move slightly to the left. I have tried new wheels with no effect.

This problem concerns me alot also coes the car is moving towards on coming traffic. i hope you guys have an idea of what to do.

Thanks for your time.

Sounds like something in the suspension is worn. Maybe shocks and struts, maybe a tie rod end, maybe a ball joint. It might just need an alignment.

The car needs to have an inspection of all the suspension parts to find the problem.


Replaced wheels or did you mean tires ? Is tire pressure correct . Also if you are not able to check and replace suspension parts or don’t have the tools get this in a shop soon .


Note to self-avoid Kia Rios


Would a worn suspension do that. When you drive over a manhole you feel the backend of car go to the right and the front turns to the left. It feels more like it could be the steeringrod but i really dont know.


tires and wheels but now you ask the warning light for tire pressure is on, this is because the tire pressure system dosnt work, it keeps going wrong and for that reason i gave up on getting it fixed. Could that be the reason alone ?


90K miles

Something is loose or worn in the front suspension. If it was tire pressure you can check it manually and eliminate that issue. I’ve had one time when the front struts were worn so the wheel would bounce too much when it hit a bump, and the tire would lose traction and the steering would change a bit. New struts fixed it. But there are a few things that can get you where you are, and you need to either educate yourself on how to check everything or pay someone to do it for you.

454 , Have you actually checked the tire pressure ? Something you should do at least monthly and check oil level weekly .

Go out and push down on each corner of the vehicle and it should only bounce 1 or 2 times .