Kia Optima Dynamic Bending Light Feature

Just purchased a 2018 Kia Optima SX with the Dynamic Bending Light feature where the lights turn in relation to the steering wheel. On low beams, I have a V shaped area approx. 20’ to 30’ in front of the car, driver’s side where there is no light. I took it to the dealer and, due to the short length of their garage, were unable to duplicate my problem. I was told this was not covered under warranty. I complained that it should be under warranty because it is a safety issue and left. The passenger side illumination is fine. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I haven’t experienced this problem, but you don’t have to have service and warranty work done by the dealership where you purchased your vehicle. You can take it to any Kia dealership. (Also, why couldn’t they have you bring it over when it’s dusk out and just check out the lights outside instead of in the garage??)

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Thank you for replying. I might check out another dealer. I’m going to try
and get some photos of the missing beam of light for proof. The dealers
service dept hours make it impossible to do at dusk…this time of year.
Thanks again.