Kia Ceed first service interval

I’ve just bought a new Ceed petrol and the dealer has wrote in the paper work that the first service is at Km 15000 (this is the same as all the other service intervals). I expected the first service to be at a much shorter interval (say after Km 1000 like all the vehicles I have bought in the past). Is the Km 15000 correct for the first service and is this now usual for modern cars?

You can confirm that by looking inside your owners manual under the heading of “service” or “maintenance”.

And Yes, this is normal for cars today to have extended service intervals. You can service them more frequently than the manufacturer’s recommendation (and I would suggest you do that). I’d be doing oil changes at 12000km at the most and with full synthetic oil. I might even do the first change at 8000km

Heavens no! You should never look in the manual for anything. Always and I mean Always ask a bunch on anonymous people hiding behind a keyboard on an Internet forum. After all we know the Internet forum has all the correct answers for everything.
(Loads of sarcasm completely intended)


Maintenance should always be stepped up over and above what the factory recommends. Those factory recommendations are made by people who are operating on theory and from PR flacks; not practical experience.

Work a service counter for a while and after getting chewed on by customers over problems created by the lack of scenario you would see what I mean.

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If 15,000 km bothers you, get the oil changed at 7,500 km. I can’t imagine what services would be needed at only 1,000 km.

15000 KM or 1 year is what it actually says most likely . It has been years since you had to take a vehicle in for service at 1000km .

The OP is probably thinking of the old “early” first oil change. Those days are long gone, but…

I can recall reading the maintenance schedule for a Simca, back in the '60s. At 1k or 2k miles (I forget which… ), the cylinder head bolts had to be retorqued.


It’s basically the same interval as we’re seeing on modern cars, But as others have suggested you can certainly do a service earlier than the factory calls for.

In the OP’s situation I’d adopt a 10,000 km oil change interval, easy to remember, assuming extreme service doesn’t apply (read the manual). 6,000 miles is close enough to the 5,000 miles I use, IMO.

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There have been vehicles that had major problems because the owner’s manual had maintenance intervals that were too far apart.