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Kia brakes acting strange

We own a 2008 Kia Rondo with about 64K miles on it. About a month ago my wife noticed that while she was braking at a stop sign, turning slightly to the right on a downhill slope, she could feel and hear the brakes “Scraping against something and the car was lurching a bit and it feels like the pedal goes to the floor”" The problem seemed to stop once she let off the brake pedal and came out of the turn.

Well it’s happened again three more times. All of the incidents occurred on a down hill right hand turn while coming to a stop at a stop sign, the same place the first time that it happened. The latest episode happened today while she was driving around a left curve in the road and braking into the curve at about 20 MPH. My wife says it also feels as if the car is going to stall when it goes through this odd braking stuff.

This may have nothing to do with the problem I described but about two weeks before the first braking issue, my darling wife smacked the front left bumper against the concrete base of a parking lot lamp post. The damage appears to be only to the body work on the bumper, below the mid-line of the bumper. there didn’t seem to be any damage at all to the wheel as there were no marks on the tire.

Is this a potentially dangerous problem or something that we can wait to have looked at?

This sounds like it could be the ABS activating. If it happens at the same spot every time there may be something there that’s causing a tire to lose traction and activate the ABS.

Since it doesn’t seem to happen any other time or place, there must be something about that particular location. I suggest a closer look at the pavement in that area, and perhaps you should drive the car and see what you can detect as you slow to a stop at this stop sign.

You have a noise,the pedal going to the floor,and a stall all mixed up with turning downhill. I would say the prudent thing is that the car get an inspection. Remember you get what you pay for and don’t be suprised if you pay for a piece of paper that says “could not duplicate” on it. Brake issues are so serious they always should be inspected.Make sure the mechanic checks for Technical Service Bulletins.