Brakes hitting something

So, I have a Skoda Fabia mk1 estate, 1.2 petrol.

When I brake hard generally over rougher ground I can feel something hitting the brake pedal, the
Same sort of feeling as if you were to drag a metal rod across rough uneven concrete.

Nothing sticks out of the bottom of the car when the brakes are pressed.

Any ideas?

If the car is equipped with ABS brakes, I’d guess you are activating the ABS brakes when you brake hard on rough roads.

This is happening because; you have old worn tires, a worn shock or strut, a brake that is pulsing or grabbing setting off the ABS.


As I usually do, I agree with Mustangman’s assessment.
In addition to wondering about the condition of the OP’s tires and suspension, I have to wonder if this is the first car with ABS that he has owned.


Concur, consistent w/ABS activation. If your Skoda has no ABS function however, suggest to have your brake system inspected. Maybe something has come loose. With this sort of symptom, good idea to first double check all the lug nuts on all 4 wheels are ok.