Kia and Hyundai investigation over fires

US to investigate car firms Hyundai and Kia over vehicle fires

Although I like Kias and Hyundais, there it s need to get to the bottom of this. The companies will recall cars that obviously are at risk, but waiting for enough fires to erupt is no solution.

Ford denied and fought Pinto recalls waiting for more gas tanks to explode. before taking action.

At least their lawyers are not saying there is no problem, something US manufacturers used to do routinely when a defect was exposed.


The theory I heard was that some of these engines have a manufacturing defect and need to be replaced. The problem is that the procedure to do that may be tricky, something to do with the direct injection pump fuel line leaking. So the car owner gets a new engine all right, but along with the new engine comes a tendency for it to burst into flame from a gasoline leak. It seems like if this gasoline leak is the only problem, it shouldn’t be overly difficult for the manufacturers to come up with a modified engine replacement procedure to solve the problem. Is it a mountain or a molehill?