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Key stuck in ignition

Hi Guys!

Here’s my situation…the key gets stuck in the ignition switch and its REALLY difficult to get out - feels like a magnet is holding it. It will slide out but I have to pull really hard with my hand or use a pair of pliers. The key goes in the ignition switch easily and starts the car with not problem and I can unlock the doors with it. The emergency key which came with the car comes out of the ignition with no problem (different type of metal? feels more malleable)…so I had a key cut from the emergency key at the dealership and same problem. Is there some sort of solenoid or actuator (magnetic issue) causing this problem and not the key or ignition switch itself?

btw…this is a 2005 Saturn Vue, manual trans, 4 cycl with 200,000+ miles on it…

Thanks a million,

Keith Robinson

The lock is likely worn.  You may need a new lock.  

This is going to get worse, so I would consider the car unreliable at best until the repair is completed. 

Call your local lock shop first.  If they can handle it, you will likely save money.

If you have a half-ton of crap hanging on your key chain, that is your problem. I would guess that you put your new key right back onto the original key chain, while the emergency key is all by itself. Right? If so just use the new key alone without the entourage to start the car, and the ignition should be fine.

Thanks! I’ll call a locksmith who does a lot of work for my company tomorrow morning!

Not a WHOLE lot on the key ring and I have tried the old and new keys alone…