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Key fob for a 2008 Saturn Outlook

Hi I lost my key fob for my Saturn Outlook. Does anyone know of a reputable (preferably Canadian) supplier where I can order a replacement?


Joe, In The States, I’ve Dealt With Keyless Ride A Couple Of Times. They Are Helpful, Prompt, And Have Great Prices On Fobs That Are Usually OEM. Check Them Out.

You’ll have to take a look. There are four different fobs for your vehicle, depending on options.


In addition to Keyless Ride, I’ve had very good results with

Saturn was part of GM, so any GM dealership should be able to help you out, worse comes to worse

Thanks for all your input I just ordered from keyless ride!

Joe, You’re Welcome. Please Let Us Know Of Your Experience.

I just bought 2 remotes for my Dodge Dakota from keyless ride. They were very affordable and were very easy to program. Amazing keys is also a good source but their prices are generally higher (about 30%).