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Kelly Blue Book Value of Honda Civic HYBRID 2003 Excellent Condition

Hello Everyone,

Does anyone know the Kelly Blue Book Value of Honda Civic HYBRID 2003 Excellent Condition? I can not find the value. I keep getting “Page Unfound”. My car has 36,678 miles, 4 brand new Dunlop tires,(original brand for this car) new battery.(November 2009) It is opal silver blue. the body has a small dent on drivers door, and a few paint scratches on same side and fender. I’m selling it. Need a prince. Thanks.

“I’m selling it. Need a prince”.

Are you planning to ask a “princely” sum for your Honda? I would check with a body shop for the cost to take the dent out of the driver’s door and take care of the scratches. Appearance will lower the value of the car more than anything else.

My question is: What is the Kelly Blue Book Value - as is.

google is your friend:

Your computer may be blocking the kbb site, like a pop up blocker, so here is the info. In good condition $8,440, for fair condition $7,740. Based on your discription I’d put the car somewhere between good and fair; new tires push to good and body dents push to fair.

I feel kbb values are too high, has what they call “TMV” for true market value which I find closer to what buyers will pay. Edmond’s in average condition shows $7,091. If you sell it for $8,000 you’ll be doing very well. My guess is you’ll get closer to $7,000 to 7,500.

is “unfound” even a word?

All gen.1 hybrids are now, or soon to be, in need of drive batteries out of warranty.
yours may have low mileage but time plays on the IMA as much as anything.

The next buyer is going to need to bargain over this.

Has your IMA ( integrated motor assembly ) ever been relpaced yet ? you said "new battery. Which battery ? If not then it’s NOT in “excellent condition” mechanically. It’s ‘due’.
Have the software updates been performed ?

My advice is to drop the “excellent condition” part of this and step down a notch or two. Only one car in a blue moon falls into the excellent category although the owners may not see it that way and KBB values are often not applicable in the real world.

Unless the car was kept in a plastic bubble and never driven, then it’s not considered excellent condition. The cars you see on the Barrett Jackson auctions are what constitutes excellent condtion. If you have dents and scratches, the car will be considered on the low side of good or high side of fair.

But you’re looking at about $8k selling it privately or around and around $6200 as a trade in.