Keep the Subaru or Buy the Camry

Hello everyone,

I share a 1999 Subaru Forrester. The vehicle has transmission problems. I found a mechanic who says that a pump needs to be replaced. He’s quoting a price of $2000 but he is not exactly sure until he takes it apart what the final cost will be.

Now I’m tired of sharing a car so I asked the other driver if she wants it back. My question is if she doesn’t want it back does it pay to get the tranmission rebuilt or should I buy another used car. The Subaru has gotten worse in the past few months so there’s no way I can go without rebuilding the transmsiion if I decide to keep the car. My mechanic has 1996 Toyota Camry that his wife drove until recnetly . It’s got 150,000 miles on it and is in good condition according to him. Should keep the Subaru or buy the Camry?


Get a second opinion on the Subie before you decide.

Yep, get a second opinion on the Subaru. Remember, the mechanic has a vested interest in you not getting the Subaru fixed. He wants to sell his Camry.

And I think it’s a darn shame that you, Don Mattingly, have to even consider buying a '96 Camry.

Trans repair sounds a little high but still good if the Subaru runs good. The Camry has a lot of miles to be buying it versus keeping the Subaru. If you had no car, I guess that would be somebody else’s situation…