K-brand oil

I used this oil in my van and it didn’t get dirty for over a month. It makes me wonder if this oil is any good.It finally got dirty at about 2700 miles.It’s not Kmart oil

As long as it meets the API standard specified for your vehicle it’s fine.

How dirty oil looks is not an indication of its ability to lubricate its engine. A proper used oil analysis is in order.

It does tend to indicate how much or how good of detergent in it.

How does that work? Is dirty oil an indication the detergents are doing their job? When my laundry detergent does its job, the water looks dirty.

I guess that the more or better the detergent, the more dirt it suspends in the oil. The oil looks dirtier, but the engine is cleaner.

I always thought that dirty oil showed that the oil was cleaning the engine

I agree.

You’ve likely done no harm, but you might as well use a name brand at the next change, they’re cheap when you get them on sale.

Well ,Iguess it is its kendall

As others have noted, dirty looking (darkened) oil does not indicate a problem.
However, the OP is concerned about the opposite situation.

I wonder how a previous fill of a different brand of oil behaved in this vehicle.
Is this the first time the OP has changed the oil?
Is this car recent purchase?

Oil that looks clean for a long time is an indication of low blow-by, a good thing.

I’m inclined to agree with Circuitsmith on this. Especially his comment on blowby. Blowby in s major contributor to discoloration and will affect any oil, whether or not its detergents are good or nonexistant.

With no additional information, I’d consider what you’re describing as a healthy sign.

I change my oil with my OLM an was using mobil1 SYN.5-30.It got expensive an tryed kendall SYN 5-30 an just didn’t know if this oil was doing the job rite.I always thought if it didn’t get dirty like the mobil 1 it wasn’t doing it’s job rite.